It took us nothing less than a journey across the globe and a whole three weeks at our final destination before our minds was ready to head back home.


Rejuvenated by the uncountable impressions, the rich cultures and diversity this world has to offer, we were going to redefine the norms. At least our norms: “Get rid of the rules and be thrilled by change.” We wanted to come home and tell a new story.


A story of traveling and expanding horizons

A story of exploring lifestyle from a bigger picture

A story of coming home to live and look different


And thus, our last three weeks away turned into your new home for good: Three Weeks. A delicate, curated online store where we could blend Native American craft with French elegance and Scandinavian minimalism. Where we could loose the seasons and win in style - with likeminded peers like yourself.


I hope you will feel welcome and inspired here, as we intend to keep this space a never ending source of staples and essentials inspiring you to travel, live and look. Different and differently.


Feel free to explore and shed a comment on our ‘gram, browse around and shop or come back later. It’s always open here.



                                                                                                                                                                                                            - yours A&V

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