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In 1911 something remarkable by the name of Kaweco Sport was created. A pocket fountain pen which could be carried everywhere. It only measured 10.5 cm when closed, but when the cap was mounted on top of the barrel, it grew to a standard sized pen.


In the beginning of the industrial age pens were made of hard rubber (Ebonite). The material was just polished. Brass was already used for pens, but mainly for the ornamental elements, such as clips and decorative rings. The cartridge technology finally made the usage of other materials possible, because the ink no longer came in contact with the metal. Around 1550 brass was purposefully "cast" for the first time and thus offered a variety of applications.


> Material: Brass

> Details: With daily use the Kaweco brass Sport will develop a natural and individual patina, specific to the user.



Literally feeling naked without, I never leave home without a pen. Kaweco was my first pen to fall in love with and it has followed me ever since. There is something special about signing papers and writing diaries with the same pen every single time. Find a companion and let it write your story. Scratches only makes it look better.


Currently creating office waves with the Brass Sport Gel Roller

- V. 

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